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Let's Do Something to honor her as she retires!

Mary  is my sister and she is planning to retire this year. 

As many of you know, she will still need to keep working but hopes  to cut back on her hours  and enjoy more time off. This is something she has not had much of in her life.      

Travel is something many of us look forward to when we retire. I am hoping to help Mary enjoy travel as well in her retirement.

The  idea I would like to present to you, is to  collect money to purchase  a reliable used vehicle she can use in retirement. I envision it as a large enough vehicle (e.g.  a minivan) that would easily accommodate all of her dogs for a day trip or longer.

I have been very successful over the years in finding reliable used cars and am confident I can find the one for her.   I am hoping to keep this a surprise, so mums the word. I have selected a funding website to help us collect the funds.                     

Online Donations

I have chosen the funding website GoGetFunding to help us manage and collect the funds for Mary's Retirement gift. I did some research on it and it looks like one of the lowest cost ones I could find to do the job. 

Here is the link to the GoGetFunding website - CLICK HERE

If you would prefer to give by check you can send me one in the mail if you like:

John Peters

9212 216th St SW

Edmonds, WA, 98020

I decided to lower the target funding from $5000 to $2000 as I am realizing how hard this is going to be to raise that much with just our family members. I work hard to figure out a way to get her a van with whatever money we collect.

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